Ethiopia Nano Genji
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Coffee diversity in Ethiopia is the richest in the world. One of the ways this manifests itself is through significantly different flavor profiles in different regions of the country. In the western Ethiopia region of Limu, we often find a citrus/black tea profile on display. This coffee is a fun variation on that profile, with a raspberry fruitiness upfront that gives way to a floral Earl Grey black tea body, and a sweet, clean finish.

Target Audience

Nano Genji is a great choice for someone who’s acquainted with specialty coffee and favors the lighter, more floral, and tea-like characteristics of African coffees.


The coffees of Western Ethiopia have a special place in our heart here at Cat & Cloud. Ten years ago, our Co-owner and Green Buyer, Charles Jack, was working in Ethiopia for the NGO, TechnoServe. It was then that he first visited coffee coops there including Nano Challa and Duramina in the Jimma Zone of Ethiopia, and formally began his career in the coffee industry. 

While in Ethiopia, Charles saw firsthand the positive impact that specialty coffee can have for smallholder producers there. TechnoServe’s project helped double coffee incomes for many producers, helping them increase spending on their children’s education, on family medical needs, and on improved shelter options. Equitable coffee sourcing can improve producers’ lives around the world, and we are committed to continue moving forward in that direction.

Today, we are excited to offer this coffee from the Nano Genji wet mill – an expansion and sibling mill of the original Nano Challa Cooperative that Charles visited in 2010. The cooperative recently won a USAID grant, and has been using that money to improve its wet-mill operations and focus on continued quality improvement.


Washed Coffees in Ethiopia are first de-pulped to remove the fruit from the seed. Some mucilage remains on the seed and a fermentation process is used next to remove the mucilage. After the mucilage is removed, the coffee seeds are washed and then laid out to dry on raised beds.

Origin // Ethiopia 

Region // Jimma

Co-op // Nano Genji            

Variety // Heirloom

Elevation // 1,900- 2,200 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Raspberry, Earl Grey Tea, White Peach