Friend Bundle (12 oz + 10 oz)
Friend Bundle (12 oz + 10 oz) Friend Bundle (12 oz + 10 oz) Friend Bundle (12 oz + 10 oz)
$ 33.00

You'll get a 12 oz bag of Menotti's VSEB and a 10 oz bag of our Honduras Nelin Guzman!

Menottis VSEB 

Send some love to Los Angeles! This Very Special Espresso Blend is the flagship from our friends and partners at Menotti's Coffee Stop.

Built with the community in mind, the humans on both sides of the counter make their shops some of the best places in the world to have coffee and connect. 

Grab a bag of VSEB and support our friends in a time that's hard for all of us. (toilet paper not included 🙃)

Cat & Cloud Honduras Nelin Guzman

Fittingly in the friend bundle cause it represents another very special friendship! Benjamin Paz owns the mill where this coffee is processed, and he plays an instrumental role in improving farming practices and increasing quality at Santa Barbara-area farms. And in case you need a lil extra entertainment right meow, here's when we kidnapped Benjamin and made him have fun with us in Disneyland!

Flavor Notes // Raspberry, Marzipan, Lime