Guatemala Bella Vista
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$ 14.75

This coffee is great for someone graduating from The Answer to a slightly lighter roast! This coffee will still have body, but will have a brighter acidity and more pronounced sweetness.

Coffees from Antigua and related areas like Chimaltenango are known for their orange acidity and deep chocolate undertones. This coffee delivers bright, Clementine notes upfront, a light, sweet baking chocolate body, and a sugar cane sweet finish.


We believe in relationship coffee – the idea of working with the same producers each year and developing long term partnerships that stand the test of time. This is the fourth season working with Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora, and our time there this year will help plant the seeds of exciting coffees we plan to bring our guests in the years to come.

Grown at 1600 masl in Chimaltenango, just outside of Antigua, this Bourbon varietal coffee is bright and sweet with a clean finish, and we love this coffee as both espresso and drip. This type of flavor profile is one of the reasons we love having a Guatemalan coffee on our menu almost year-round.


Washed Coffees in Guatemala are first de-pulped to remove the fruit from the seed. Mucilage remains on the seed and a fermentation process is used next to remove the mucilage. After the mucilage is removed, the coffee seeds are washed and then laid out to dry on cement patios.

Origin // Guatemala                                               

Region // Chimaltenango

Farm // Los Carrillos                                            

Variety // Bourbon

Elevation // 1,600 masl                             

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Bright, Orange Acidity, Brown Sugar