Guatemala Las Sonajas
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$ 15.50

In 2015 Chris, Jared, and Charles went on the first origin trip as Cat & Cloud to meet with their friend and coffee producer Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora. The work Luis Pedro and 4 generations of his family have accomplished in Antigua to improve every step of the coffee growing process has resulted in offerings that are recognized all over the world for their quality and consistency.

Since we first tasted Las Sonajas it has resonated with us for its complexity, as well as its approachability. This years harvest especially lives up to this, presenting sweet and creamy flavors of a summer dessert plate: cherry pie along-side a scoop of orange sherbet, topped off with a dollop of fresh whipped sweet cream. Flavors like this inspire us to kick off each year with Las Sonajas.


Origin // Guatemala

Region // Antigua

Producer // The Hunapu Smallholder Producer Group

Variety // Bourbon

Elevation // 1,700 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes //Orange Sherbet, Cherry Pie, Sweet Cream