Guatemala Las Sonajas
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$ 14.75

Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora is one of our longtime friends and partners in Guatemala, and we offer his coffees on our menu for most of the year. This offering from him, called Las Sonajas, is a collaboration from 16 different farmers who grow coffee on the side of the Agua Volcano near Antigua. The volcanic ash of this region really adds to the rich mineral levels in the soil, and makes the coffee that much more vibrant and sweet.

This coffee is great for someone looking for a little more brightness than the Answer—it still has a full body, but a more pronounced acidity and sweetness than you’ll find in our flagship blends.

Origin // Guatemala

Region // Antigua

Farmer Group // Hunapu

Variety // Bourbon

Elevation // 1,700 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Candied Orange Peel, Marzipan, Hershey’s Chocolate Bar