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We are thrilled to offer coffee from Rosalío Martínez for the third year in a row. Rosalío is a member of the Hunapú producer group, named for the indigenous title of the actual volcano they all reside on, Volcán de Agua. Rosalío is one of Hunapú’s most prolific producers, having worked in coffee for 25 years, and has deep ties with the region's mill, Bella Vista, and its owner Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora, who initially facilitated our connection with Rosalío. 

This season, Rosalío’s coffee is incredibly juicy, bursting with clementine and sweet honeydew. As the coffee cools, rich dark chocolate and buttery pastry hits your senses. This coffee has a medium body and is an excellent option whether you like bright single origins or are loving The Answer.


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Origin Info

Origin // Guatemala

Region // Antigua

Producer // Rosalío Martínez

Variety // Boubon, Caturra, Pache, Java

Elevation // 1600 – 1725 m.a.s.l.

Process // Washed

Brew Recipe

To get the best out of this coffee we always recommend this recipe as a stating point

  • Brew with a 1:16 ratio (one gram of coffee to every 16 grams of water).
  • Get your Water as HOT as you can.
  • Adjust your grind for a 3-4 minute brew time. (The finer the grind, the longer it will take to brew)


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