Guatemala Santa Clara
$ 14.75

We routinely have staff traveling to Guatemala for an amazing program called Baristas to Antigua. Run by our friend and producer partner, Luis Pedro Zelaya, this program allows baristas to travel to origin and work in LPZ’s café for a week, while also being able to visit farms and see how coffee processing works. It’s an inspiring program and it’s all the more special because the coffee is so stellar.

A wonderful side effect of this program is that we had the opportunity to meet Luis Pedro’s cousin, Ricardo Zelaya. Ricardo “El Tigre” Zelaya runs a tight ship and it shows. His farm, Santa Clara, is in immaculate condition and his processing mill is expanding each year, as his business continues to grow. This coffee delivers bright, Clementine notes upfront, a light, sweet baking chocolate body, and a sugar cane-sweet finish.

 Origin // Guatemala

 Region // Antigua

 Farm // Santa Clara 

 Variety // Bourbon

 Elevation // 1,700 masl

 Process // Washed

 Flavor Notes // Clementine, Baking Chocolate, Sugar Cane


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