Honduras Damian Chavez - Anaerobic
Honduras Damian Chavez - Anaerobic Honduras Damian Chavez - Anaerobic
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Origin // Honduras
Region // El Cedral, Santa Barbara
Producer // Damian Chavez
Variety // Parainema 
Elevation // 1,500 – 2,000 m.a.s.l.
Process // Anaerobic Washed


Damian Chavez is one of the first members of our direct relationship program, The Best Friend’s Club. The BFC was born out of a desire to take our producer relationships to the next level, with people who we have a genuine connection with. Throughout the coffee supply chain, there is a constant pursuit for better financial support for farmers, with buzzwords like direct trade and relationship coffee popping up all the time. While well-intentioned, the reality is that these words can end up meaning a lot of different things to different people. BFC is our way of defining what we are doing to support “relationship coffee” in a clear and concrete way, so we can better support our producer partners, or as we think of them our Best Friends.  

In May of 2022, we visited Santa Barbara Honduras and delivered the Best Friend’s Club funds collected in 2021 directly to Damian. Damian plans on using the money to build a second processing mill for his Anaerobics, as well as to purchase fertilizer which has skyrocketed in price during the pandemic. 


This is Damian’s second time processing his coffee anaerobically, and we are hyped on the results. Swinging into summertime, this coffee hits you with fresh watermelon juice and delicate hibiscus wrapped in a velvety, luscious body. There is an underlying layer of complex mulling spices in the finish that lingers on the palette. 


Deep Dive

With our Best Friend’s Club producers, we are committed to ensuring all of a producer’s coffee finds a home each year, and to provide additional financial support by directly sending additional money for every bag of coffee we sell. More importantly, it is about working with producers through highs and lows, allowing us to support each other and grow together. 

Region: Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara region of Honduras is a mountainous landscape in northwestern Honduras. Damian’s coffee comes to us from an area of the mountain called El Cedral, and his position on the mountain makes it an ideal place to grow coffee. On either side of his farm are the farms of William Guzman, Wilson Morales, and Benjamin Paz. William Guzman has an exclusive partnership with our friends at Dune Coffee in Santa Barbara, CA and Wilson Morales is another Cat & Cloud Best Friend’s Club producer. When we visit, it feels like a little slice of home away from home. Coffee from Santa Barbara has a diverse flavor profile, but typically has a common thread of stone fruit and sweet caramel. 

Processing method: Anaerobic Washed

Damian processed this coffee starting by placing the whole cherries into a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation, sealing off the coffee from additional oxygen. From there the coffee is de-pulped, and washed in a 2-3 hour agitated washing process. Once the mucilage is fully washed from the seeds, the coffee is laid out to dry on cement patios.