Honduras Nelin Guzman
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$ 15.00

We believe the future of specialty coffee will be less focused on C Market pricing and more focused on relationships built between roasters and producers, where prices are based on quality and not a volatile commodity market. We are excited to be expanding our exclusive farmer group in the Santa Barbara region, and this is our first year working with Nelin.

This offering, like many of our Honduran offerings this year, are ‘Cat & Cloud Farm Exclusive Coffees’ – these coffees will only be available through us. We purchased the entire farm-traceable lots from the producers and we’re excited to share them with you!

Benjamin Paz owns the mill where this coffee is processed, and he plays an instrumental role in improving farming practices and increasing quality at Santa Barbara-area farms. He worked hard to connect us with these exclusive partnerships this year, and we look forward to continuing to build these relationships over time.

Origin // Honduras                                                    

Region // Santa Barbara

Farm // Nelin Guzman                                              

Variety // Parainema 

Elevation // 1600 masl                                              

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Raspberry, Marzipan, Lime