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Mexico Finca San Alfonso

Mexico Finca San Alfonso

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Mexico Finca San Alfonso – Papaya, Caramel, Vanilla Bean

Veracruz, Mexico 


This coffee comes to us from Finca San Alfonso, our second coffee from Ernesto Perez this year. We recieve Ernesto Perez’s coffee via our partnership with Red Fox Coffee Merchants. One of the many reasons we love working with Red Fox is our shared belief in Mexico being a phenomenal specialty coffee-producing country. The unique regions, dedicated impassioned producers, and ever-growing coffee culture in-country make it the ideal place to grow and improve the specialty coffee market. Red Fox is ahead of the game on this, working with producers to improve quality and create more transparency, as well as by building a year-round office and cupping lab in Oaxaca. We are excited to partner with Red Fox and hope to expand our direct relationships in Mexico over the next few years working with them. 


Sweet and creamy, this coffee from Finca San Alfonso is the perfect balance of delicate fruit and indulgent dessert. It hits you upfront with subtle papaya and rolls right into caramel and vanilla bean sweetness reminiscent of custard, with a velvety mouthfeel. Whether you love a fruitier single origin or something that pairs well with a bit of cream and sugar, this is the perfect coffee.

Origin // Mexico

Region // Veracruz

Producer // Ernesto Perez

Variety // Marsellesa 

Elevation // 1200 m.a.s.l. 

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Papaya, Caramel, Vanilla Bean 

Deep Dive

Ernesto Perez’s family has a long history of working in coffee, dating back four generations to the 19th century when his great grandfather moved to Mexico from Spain to work as an exporter and cupper. The family has been involved in all steps of the coffee process - building mills, growing coffee, and importing/exporting. Now Ernesto has taken the reigns at APG, the mill built by and named after his grandfather, Antonio Perez Galvan. In addition to growing and processing his phenomenal coffee, Ernesto has turned APG into a pinnacle of specialty coffee in the area, offering agronomical consulting to local producers and focusing on micro lots that fetch higher than typical prices for their producers. 


Region: Veracruz

Mexico is a unique coffee-producing origin partly because of the operation idiosyncrasies each subregion. Although it is not as common in most of Latin America, in Veracruz, producers sell their coffee in cherry form to mills to be processed, similar to the systems found in Kenya and Ethiopia. 

Veracruz is also distinctive because it produces some of the highest latitude coffee in the world. The northern edge of the tropics has excellent coffee-producing conditions: lower temperatures with wetter conditions, which slows down the ripening of cherries and concentrates the flavors much the same way higher elevation grown coffee does. These conditions results in coffee with an array of amazing flavors ranging from citrus to stone fruit and berries.

Processing MethodWashed

Washed Coffees in Mexico are first de-pulped to remove the fruit from the seed. Next a fermentation process is used to remove the remaining mucilage from the coffee seed. After the mucilage is removed, the coffee seeds are washed and laid out to dry on cement patios.

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