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This offering comes to us from an incredible husband and wife duo located in the Oaxaca region of Mexico through our amazing importing partner Azahar Coffee. Teofila García and her husband Gabriel worked tirelessly for 6 years, Teofila in Mexico and Gabriel migrated to the U.S., to finally be able to save up enough to purchase the plot of land where they now grow bourbon and Typica coffees. 

In this remote region of Mexico, coffee grows in harmony with the endemic flora and fauna, creating a wonderful and delicate flavor profile. The Teofila Garcia is the perfect balance of bright, sweet, and complex, representing what we love most in washed coffees. The sweet effervescent sparkle and gentle lemon/lime flavors of Sprite; crips, juicy notes of White Nectarine, and the creamy richness of Vanilla Bean make the Teofila Garcia the perfect way to brighten up your morning.



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Origin Info

Origin // Mexico

Region // Oaxaca

Producer // Teófila García

Variety //  Bourbon, Typica 

Elevation // 1,700 - 1,900 m.a.s.l.

Process // Washed

Brew Recipe

To get the best out of this coffee we always recommend this recipe as a stating point

  • Brew with a 1:16 ratio (one gram of coffee to every 16 grams of water).
  • Get your Water as HOT as you can.
  • Adjust your grind for a 3-4 minute brew time. (The finer the grind, the longer it will take to brew)


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