Rwanda Kabrizi
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$ 15.50

One of our company values is to actively pursue better, and this is a value also demonstrated by COOPAC--the cooperative responsible for this coffee. COOPAC has been investing in its community for 20 years by providing agricultural support, building schools for its members’ children, providing livestock awards for producers, and more. We’re so stoked to start building this relationship and showcasing Rwandan coffee in our cafes!

This coffee has a lemon/lime acidity that reminds us of 7-up soda, combined with some calls to red grape and dried apricot. Its syrupy, fruity sweetness is a great choice for someone already acquainted with specialty coffee and looking for that light profile.

Origin // Rwanda

Region // Rutsiro, Western Province

Washing Station // Kabirizi             

Variety // Bourbon, Mayaguez

Elevation // 1,500-2,000 masl

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // 7up, Red Grape, Dried Apricot