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One of the most enjoyable parts of sneaker fandom is connecting with people. Whether it's sharing your latest pick-up, commiserating over inevitable L’s on the app, or learning something you didn't know, connecting with other sneaker enthusiasts is undeniably part of the fun. 

What’s the discussion about?

How'd you get into sneakers? Why do you still love 'em today? Learn about others who share your passion and maybe put a few new facts in your pocket.

Yes, you've stumbled upon a wonderful corner of the universe where you can wave that sneaker flag wild and free and people get you. You're welcome.

Meet your host, Ev!

Ev is originally from Portland, Oregon, and has been with Cat & Cloud since 2017. He's the Retail Coordinator at our Portola location and assists in training, on-boarding, and education. Other passions include climbing, music, and re-watching Damian Lillard’s buzzer-beater over Paul George. 

Ev's Humble Disclaimer: "By no means am I an expert, just stoked on sneakers."

We think you're a boss, Ev.