Creative Spark
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Hop into the Creative Spark Bubble and let’s leave each other more inspired than when we found each other!

What's the discussion about?

The road to creativity can be a lonely one, and a little support from others goes a long way! This virtual discussion group will create space to engage about artistic doubt, empowerment, & unboxing ourselves. Whether you're a legendary artist or just setting out to discover your inner creative, you are WELCOMED! 

Group Moderator: Kristen Hutson 

Kristen has been with Cat & Cloud since they opened in 2016. Now, as C&C’s Skill Developer, she has created curriculum for onboarding, coffee education, leadership development, training trainers & more! Her other passions include storytelling artistry, social justice, and her dog Jayce. Feel free to check out Kristen's art:

The world is our oyster; let’s get after our spark together. 😼⚡️ 

 **Disclaimer: We do not claim to be licensed experts in the topics listed above. Every conversation is organic and open-ended. If you for any reason make anyone in the group feel unsafewe will Bubble-ban you. 🌈