Teal Taffy Mug - 12 oz
Teal Taffy Mug - 12 oz Teal Taffy Mug - 12 oz
$ 38.00

Seasonal depression got you down? We feel your pain. That's why there's a couple friends waiting inside to say hi once your coffee's gone! They'll shoot out like a life-size hologram and give you a big ol' bear hug. Every time. Cool, right?!

We think coffee is special. Drink it out of something special (if you want). We think you should, but who cares what we think.

Gloss finish.

We are so excited to offer these handmade, entirely wheel-thrown porcelain mugs made by Clay Factor Ceramics in Portland, Oregon. They even source the clay in the Pacific Northwest and other materials on the West Coast. Straight ballers!