Best Friends Club Comic

Welcome to the Best Friends Club a Cat and Cloud Comic

Calling all our can’t-live-without-you, ride-or-die daymakers and good vibe spreaders! Welcome to the coolest club around: the Best Friends Club (BFC).

This is a hybrid comic and interview series showcasing some of the sweet interactions and history-making moments that make Cat and Cloud what we are — a place that leaves people happier than we found them.

Issue #1: Michael Meets Patti

Michael was just a kitten when he met Patti. Sometimes, the best connections are just an Everything Pinwheel away.


Fueled by coffee, creativity, and a whole lotta love, this stuff is realer than any secret treehouse meeting could ever be. Call it the magic, the secret sauce, the razzle dazzle...all we know is that we’ve found incredible joy while embarking on our team's mission together. And, we’ve got some pretty rad stories to share with you.

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