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Limited Run : Unlimited Fun

Two moods, one mug. Hand thrown and painted by our very own, Kelly Beach! While the two tone design was originally just the color test, we decided to rock it cause it's - you know it - the best of both worlds!

Kelly earned her BFA at San Jose State, focusing on ceramics. This camp mug shape has been in her wheelhouse (pun intended) for a minute! It just so happens that she first sold her work at a Cat & Cloud pop-up in 2018...she also met her fiancé that day, no big deal. 

This multi-talented gal is busy being a ballerina teacher and won't have more time to throw more until summer - only 25 of these guys, so don't sleep!

Kelly Beach Ceramics feature a geometric, tight style. You can check our more of her work here!

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Rebels with a cause

Levi and Michael

Engagement is a Cat & Cloud core value - it’s how we learn, connect, and indulge in new experiences. One way we live this is by sending our team to origin to meet farmers, producers, and taste lots of coffees. Often times, our team will pick a coffee for our menu, too. 

Our newest coffee, Colombia Finca La Bomba, was discovered by Michael Foy and Levi Stiles when they traveled to Colombia to participate in the most recent Best Cup auction. In typical fashion, they got way out of the box and started a bidding war with each other to drive up the final price of the coffee for Jairo Bomba and his family. Their mission? To leave him happier than they found him. Michael, Levi…You are genius goofballs. We love you.

Snag a bag of La Bomba here!

Photos by Mafla Photo

Michael and Levi in Colombia 2019

Behind the scenes