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Honduras Nelin Guzman

Honduras Nelin Guzman

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Nelin joined the Best Friends Club in 2020, this program was born out of the desire to create long-lasting sustainable friendships. It’s about working with producers through the highs and lows of farming, allowing us to support each other and grow together. His coffee has been on our menu for six years now, and with each passing year, his coffee gets better, brighter, and livelier, we’re so thankful to have met Nelin and his family and are excited to share his coffee with you.

Nelin has shared an incredibly refreshing lot of coffee, perfect for these crisp spring days. It opens up with a pointed acidity of muddled strawberry, coating your mouth with a sweet Meyer lemon, like a fresh glass of strawberry lemonade. As the coffee cools, ripe kiwi and bitter-sweet toffee bring a ton of sweetness to the finish, making you reach for that next sip. The Nelin Guzman is a bit of an adventurous coffee and will be perfect for anyone familiar with lighter roast coffees.


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