The Best Friends Club

We're stoked to introduce you to our partner initiative, The Best Friends Club!

BFC was born out of a desire to take our farmer relationships to the next level. Throughout the coffee supply chain, there is a constant pursuit for better financial support of farmers, with buzzwords like direct trade and relationship coffee popping up all the time. While definitely well-intentioned, the reality is that these words can end up meaning a lot of different things to different people. BFC is our way of defining what we are doing to support “relationship coffee” in a clear and concrete way, so we can better support our farmer partners.

For us, a BFC partnership means two things:

First, we commit to buying ALL of these farmers’ coffee each year. A good relationship isn’t only kept in the good times and ditched in the tough times--we commit to supporting our farmer partners in this way no matter the unpredictability that life can bring.

Second, we wanted to level up our financial support. For every retail bag of BFC coffee purchased, $1 will be sent directly back to the farmer who produced it. A dollar might not seem like a ton on its own, but for one featured coffee this can bring in a well-deserved extra month of wages.

We've started this initiative with five of our partners in Honduras: Angel Antonio Rivera, Damian Chavez, Pedro Garcia, Nelin Guzman, and Wilson Morales.

Hear more about the latest things the BFC has been doing for the partners in Honduras in this podcast episode!

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