SCAA Atlanta


The annual Specialty Coffee of America trade show is always a good time. It's hard to overstate the positive energy vibes you get from having a ton of super passionate coffee industry professionals under the same roof. It provides a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas with our peers, check out new products, and peep the scene at the U.S. Barista Championship.

Aside from hanging out with all our coffee friends, we've also scheduled some trade show floor booth time with some of the manufacturers who make the fancy toys we'll be using at our 3600 Portola roastery/retail location. If you're in Atlanta for the show and can make it to any of our booth slots - stop on by! We'd love to share some coffee with you. We'll also be emceeing the U.S. AeroPress Championship Saturday night so it's going to be a full on party. We'll see you there!