Our program that gives back.

This program is about being invested in the lives of the producers and not just paying them more. Growing with people and not simply transacting with them. Ask yourself What would you do for your best friend?

When we sell a bag of a BFC Coffee, $1 from that sale goes back into the lives of the partnering producers. So when you buy BFC coffee you are supporting a friend and partner of Cat & Cloud. Providing others with an amazing experience and new opportunities that lead to life-changing growth.

Who is a Best Friends Producer?

How does anyone pick a best friend? It really comes down to the time spent together. We have essentially the same philosophy for our Best Friends Club.

We look to partner with producers: 

  • Who work with us every year.
  • That are invested in their community, and work for its growth.

How Does it work?

1 Bag of coffee equals 1 Dollar. But it's more than that.

We've been traveling to Honduras once a year, and have grown with the producers on the Santa Barbara mountain. In that time we have come to know what they are passionate about and what they are striving for.

It's our relationship that helps us each year as we travel back, and see what new challenges face them. as we visit, we listen and through the help of Benjamine Paz, we invest those funds back into their lives.

  • Depulper For Damian

    Arguably the inception of the BFC, Cat & Cloud saw the work Damian was putting in to use his sisters processing equipment, and decided to give him a depulper of his own. Thereby allowing him more time to work on improving other things, as apposed to spending that time transporting his coffee from one place to another.

  • Fertilizer

    In 2022, the word on all of the producers lips was fertilizer. After the Global pandemic, prices for this farming necessity had sky rocketed, and had almost every other major resource.

    We were able to cover the inflated costs of the fertilizer for every BFC producer that year. Allowing them the freedom to continue to improve their crops.

  • Surgery

    In 2021, as we meet with one of our producers, catching up with how their previous year had been and what their needs might be. They let us know about the wife of another producer, and how they needed surgery.

    They then when on to refuse any money from the BFC that year. instead told us to give it to the producers family to cover their medical costs. and we did just that.

    We can happily say that when we went back in 2022 we learned the surgery was a sucess and she proudly showed us the scar to prove it.

Connection in action

This is where we will talk about what inspired us to create the Best Friends Club, and what it means to us to pay it forward to our producers. Then we can talk about why we want to share this with our community and what it means to us to be able to do this kind of work.