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This coffee comes to us from the Hunapu producer group in the Antigua region of Guatemala. Hunapu is a community of agricultural innovation, with many producers working hard to improve all aspects of coffee cultivation. This particular lot comes from Familia Vasquez. After inheriting the farm from his parents, Juan Vasquez made coffee cultivation a family affair. Now he and his four sons work together to run their highly productive and well-managed farm. Juan Vasquez is known by those who work with him as an honest, hard-working man with just one vision for the future; to be happy. We hope that by sharing his incredible coffee we can support that journey.

Crisp, clear, with a sweet creamy finish. The bright sweetness of Pink Lady Apple lights up in the first sip, rounding out with the creamy fruit-laced sweetness of Raisninets, before settling into the complex aromatic sweetness of vanilla bean. The Familia Vasquez is a fun and engaging coffee for folks who enjoy coffees on every level of the lightness scale. Clear, sweet, with the perfect amount of complexity to keep things interesting.


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Origin Info

Origin // Guatemala

Region // Antigua

Producer // Familia Vásquez

Variety // Bourbon  

Elevation // 1,500 - 1,985 m.a.s.l.  

Process // Washed

Brew Recipe

To get the best out of this coffee we always recommend this recipe as a stating point

  • Brew with a 1:16 ratio (one gram of coffee to every 16 grams of water).
  • Get your Water as HOT as you can.
  • Adjust your grind for a 3-4 minute brew time. (The finer the grind, the longer it will take to brew)


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