Guatemala La Folie
$ 14.75
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We routinely have staff traveling to Guatemala for an amazing program called Baristas to Antigua. Run by our friend and producer partner, Luis Pedro Zelaya, this program allows baristas to travel to origin and work in LPZ’s café for a week, while also being able to visit farms and see how coffee processing works. It’s an inspiring program and it’s all the more special because the coffee is so stellar.

This coffee was the most lively of the lots we bought from Luis Pedro this year. While Antiguan coffees are known for their orange acidity and deep chocolate undertones, this lot displayed more vibrancy in its acidity and more complexity in its flavors than many of the coffees we cupped. We think this lot is a special one from this harvest and we hope you enjoy it.

Origin // Guatemala                                   

Region // Antigua

Farm // La Folie                                          

Variety // Bourbon

Elevation // 1,600 masl                             

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Lemon/Lime Acidity, Grenadine, Lively