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It's hard to know what people want, what they already have, and what the coworker you picked for the company White Elephant party will like. Our team has developed this gift guide to have a little bit of everything every coffee lover needs; from the home baristas to the cafe enthusiasts. 

So if you need a little gift-giving inspiration, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s start off with some obvious ones. Every Home Barista needs the right tools and supplies to pull that perfect shot of Spro, and every awesome shot starts with great beans.

Gifts for Your Home Barista

our go to coffee

The Answer

This coffee is truly The Answer to all your coffee needs. The perfect coffee for any mood and any brew. Everything you need for a pour over or a homemade cappuccino.

Check it out

always an experience

The Truth

This is the only espresso blend we trust to stand on it's own. The Truth represents everything we think is the most fun about espresso; juicy sweetness, bright, lively and crisp.

See the light

Being a home barista goes further than just having the right coffee though, if they’re working on an espresso machine they’ll need the best equipment to keep they’re beloved groupheads pulling perfectly.

For that we recommend the Artpresso Grouphead Pro. An incredible ergonomic multi-use tool.

  • This incredible multi-use cleaning tool is the ergonomic design of every baristas dreams. Made from high quality aluminum, durable brush head and magnetic tool bit to remove the shower screen, cleaning your bar has never been easier.

And finally, every home barista needs the perfect vessel to practice pouring their latte art into. Not every mug is created equal, some are crafted just a little bit more capable to hold that perfect surface tension.

Buying for a loving follower of coffee companies? We've got something for them too!

Not every coffee lover wants to make it themselves and that's totally okay! We respect the folks who just come here for the coffee, the culture and the vibes, ya'll are the reason we have jobs, so thanks!

If there's a cafe culture enthusiast in your life get them a gift to help them share that passion with the world.

Gifts for the Cafe Brand Rep

If you’re hunting for a gift for a coffee lover that’s always on the go (maybe they have a little too much extra energy), we’ve got something for them too! Taking your coffee on the go calls for the right equipment. Using a paper cup every day gets a little wasteful, but you can’t just put your beloved beverage in any old thermos.

So we've selected a couple of our favorite on-the-go items that are certain to be loved by every coffee drinker on your gift list.

Gifts for a Coffee Drinker on the Go!

  • Travel Cups!

    Whether they prefer keeping their coffee scalding hot or ice cold we have just what they need. These cups from Created.Co are not only super cute but they are made to be the perfect environment to keep your coffee just the way you like it. With a stainless steel double walled design, vacuum insulation, and guaranteed to fit perfectly in your cars cupholder, these cups are your coffees perfect companion.

And for that person who is always expertly holding everything they own in one hand. Get them a bag that can carry everything, and give their joints a rest.

This tote bag can hold everything you need for the day; laptop, notebooks, water bottle, even your hopes and dreams.

Need a quick White Elephant gift or something to fill a stocking? Everyone loves a sticker, whether on a water bottle, laptop case, or slapped on a refrigerator or, people love to express themselves through these little trinkets.

Grab a couple of these and you've got the perfect low maintanence gift.

Still not sure what to get?

Coffee is a can't miss.

If you have an avid coffee drinker in your life consider gifting them a coffee subscription! We have 3 month gift subscriptions that you can have delivered every two weeks, or monthly.

These subscriptions allow the receiver to explore our single origin coffees, and try a wide array of coffee profiles they might not have picked out on their own.

Looking for More Ideas?

Check out our full much collection!