Guatemala Las Sonajas
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$ 15.00

In our first (almost) three years as company, we’ve sent close to 35 Cat & Cloud team members to coffee origin countries to learn about the connection between coffee producers and consumers. While each of those trips is special in its own way, we’ll always remember that our first trip to origin as a company was to visit our friend and partner, Luis Pedro Zelaya in Antigua, Guatemala. Out of the hundreds of coffees tasted, Las Sonajas was one of a few that stood out to us that day, and each year since that we’ve purchased it. This coffee is approachable, with a complex acidity and a clean sweetness that lingers into the finish.

Las Sonajas is a collaboration of a small group of farmers growing coffee at upwards of 1700 meters on the south side of the Agua Volcano, just outside of Antigua. On that first sourcing trip, we woke up looking at this mountain every day, and we plan to continue to develop the relationships necessary to bring this coffee back every year.

Origin // Guatemala                          

Region // Antigua

Farmer Group // Hunapu                              

Variety // Bourbon

Elevation // 1,700 masl                                 

Process // Washed

Flavor Notes // Mandarin Orange, Caramel, Pecan Pie